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This blog is going to be all about books.  Love to read? I got you.  I have a passion for reading and writing and want to share my love with the universe.  Help me communicate with my fellow “lovers of the book world”!

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Dating Does Not Have To Equal Boyfriend and Girlfriend


To have your heart broken by somebody you love, may be one of the most common types of heartbreak. We offer up a piece of our heart to someone in hope that they may be our future and that they will savor this bold sacrifice.  But at the end of the day, more than half of the people we give our hearts to will not be the person we are destined to be with.

There are so many different views on dating, especially circling within the teenage world. However, one thing that teenagers just do not seem to understand is that going on dates does not mean a couple has to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The point of dating is ultimately to find the person we want to marry and more importantly, who God wants us to marry. In between all of the heartbreak and almost lovers that we will encounter, we must open our minds and hearts to new possibilities and seek God in all of our relationships.   


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New. Again and again.


Life is rough sometimes.  Everyday, someone is struggling with a new pain.

It could be they are having an off day and they are tired and their hair’s a mess and they just feel like going home and crawling in bed for no reason.  Maybe they do not want to go home.  Maybe it is their home life that is so rough.  Maybe it is the B minus they just got on their physics quiz and they can feel the grade sitting in the grade book, breathing down their neck.  Maybe someone in your class lost someone close to them.  Someone they foolishly hoped they would never lose.  Maybe the crappy day you have been having, has been a month for them.

Every.  Single.  Day.  Someone is struggling.  Hurting deep inside.  Some people are good at showing their emotions and opening up to others.  Some, like me, keep everything inside.  I am fortunate enough to have a best friend that is always there for me. Someone who understands that sometimes I just need to keep stuff to myself and ponder my thoughts alone.  But when I need her, she is there to listen.

I made it a goal my freshman year to be a better person.  But what makes a better person? Every year I say, this year will be new.  I will jump in and stay on top of my homework, be a good person and make sure that anyone who needs someone to talk to, can always come to me.  Be kind, honest and brave.

And every year, I break my promise.

I forgot who I am and I lose sight of the God I live for at some point.  And every time I get mad at myself.  I get frustrated.  I cry out, enraged and confused with myself on why I am handing my heart to friends that eventually break it.  Why I get so caught up in my emotions.  This year it started on the first day of school.  I was sick of myself and people and living everyday with hatred in my heart.  I pushed through day by day.  Watching the minutes on the school clock tick away, teasing me with its seconds hand.  A dark cloud surrounded me.  Black ink dripping out of my skin, making those around me shy away scared of catching my darkness.

Every year I do this.  I go through low points of self hatred and misery, and then I scold myself and pop out of my shell and stop hiding for a few weeks.  Then, down under I bury my self.  And the cycle repeats itself.

In the past I have always been confused on why I do this.  But now I understand.  I have always gotten so mad at my self for those low points.  Mad at myself for treating others and myself with disrespect.  But you can not live life mad for making mistakes.  One cannot get mad for being human, for having low points.

So instead of trying to make one big change and have one life altering decision, try to work on it day by day.  Work on living.  Work on being nicer to people.  Work on believing in ones self and loving your self.  Because you deserve it.  We all do.  We all deserve to be happy with ourselves and not need material objects, other people, or places to give us this bliss.

It doesn’t have to be a new you, it can be an improving you.  Be new again and again.

Suds- small thoughts from the bath

I dipped under the warm water, letting it swaddle me. I closed my eyes relishing in the way the cinnamon scented water flowed around me, forced to bubble, and circle from the jets. The tub seemed to breathe. The jets staring at me like starry eyes, breathed acid air- causing bubbles to rise to the surface. They begged to break free from the unknown, uncomfortable habitat beneath the surface of the water. Once they did, they fled into the abyss of air, lost forever among their kin.

Ew, why do you read so much?

I love books. Obvious right? But what do I like so much about books? Is it the knowledge that pours from the pages? Is it the way one can get lost in the words and world it describes? For me, it is the beauty. Beauty in the way a good book makes you feel. As one reads, one is able to enter someone else’s mind. See a story from someone else’s point of view. Taking a journey, facing the emotions that the reader may not have encounter without a help of the author’s point of view. Listen to the thoughts of a teenager who sees the world from a different perspective in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  So many people do not understand why others read because to some reading is personal experience.  People read for their own reasons, whether it is for the apprehension of knowledge or for simple pleasure.  It does not matter why I read.  I read because I want to!

Why We Broke Up- Daniel Handler

Out of 5 stars, this book for sure gets a 5.  Not only is the book written brilliantly, but it is achingly realistic.  The book follows an average girl who is a fly on the wall at her school.  Not special or interesting, just simply there.  Min writes a letter to Ed, her past lover, unveiling bits and pieces of the relationship that they had as she sorts through an old box full of trinkets from their relationship.

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Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Do you have a fetish for zombies?  Cute, dark, dangerous, and frighteningly fierce boys? Terrifying decisions and high school drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat? 

 Hum yeah, this book is filled with this stuff that will keep you reading Alice in Zombieland.   The beginning starts with a mysterious car wreck that kills Alice’s parents and beloved and enchanting sister.  Alice begins to see things in the dark nights as she strives to live with the death of her family.  Alice moves in with her mom’s parents and stays awake every night in attempt to see the monsters that her father rambled about his entire life.  Alice is confronted with the need to tell someone what she is seeing and yet she doesn’t want people to think she is crazy like she thought of her father. Alice soon begins to notice the strange happenings around the town, and begins to see the connections between the mysterious group and their leader, Cole, that Alice has visions of every morning.  Some filled with passionate, desperate kisses and some with fighting against zombies that indulge in consuming the spirits of human souls.

Out of five stars, I would give this book 2.  Though when I originally read the book title, I believed the book would have a backbone woven with the theme from the origional Alice in Wonderland. Once the book begins, you realize fairly quickly that the book is quite easy to read. The writing is a little elementary and the characters are quite flat (if you do not like whiney and annoying girls then this book may not be for you).  

Of all the negatives, some could like the book very much if you are looking for a book with a cute guy and a bit of a mystery as Alice struggles to deal with the loss of her family and the new reality of zombies hunting her and her friends. 

Three Ways to Refresh Your Website in 2016

Don’t let your blog become blah. Discover a few simple ways to breathe new life into your website.

Source: Three Ways to Refresh Your Website in 2016

The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave was not what I expected. It is a book you hear they will be making a movie about and say to your self, why not. If they are making a movie, it’s got to be worth a peek right? Grabbed the book and stowed it in my bag until I had a chance to prop open the sucker on my break at work and vwah la, I was endowed with this beautiful new world crafted between my fingertips. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey has one of the most intricately designed plots I have read in a YA adult book in a while. It is laced delicately with passion, and yet The 5th Wave incorporates so much suffering it is almost inconceivable for an individual to imagine because of the hope that we wish for. With the possibilities that humans fear everyday, Yancey creates a twisted, possible, and quite authentic take on an alien invasion through the eyes of a teenager.    Continue reading “The 5th Wave”

The Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking 

The Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking defy the average fantasy novels by creating beautiful characters that have qualities that make you want to crawl into the story and live among world of trolls. The series contains iconic struggles for the main character Bryn Aven, a troll with mixed blood, to live and train among her peers while fighting to overcome the discrimination that befalls upon her because of her impure blood. The world that Bryn believes in is twisted as she discovers more about her enemy who attempted to murder her father.   Continue reading “The Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking “

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