Praise for Lux novels!

Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, and  Opposition.

Only way to describe these books- AMAZING

In the first book, Obsidian, Jennifer L. Armentrout wrangles the reader into her series without the readers knowledge.  Immediately the smug (and all human beings can agree GORGEOUS) Daemon Black makes you fall in love with him.  From the moment Katy and Daemon meet, they bicker like an eighty year old couple, continuously going at each others throats.  His tough exterior fools everyone except Katy Swartz. Through out the book, Katy is highly against Daemon.  They fight and argue consistently.  Katy is immediately drawn to Daemon’s lovable sister, Dee Black.  Katy and Dee become great friends despite the suspicions Katy begins to have of the Black’s strange behaviors and actions.  These suspicions cause Katy to ponder, what is really going on in Petersberg, West Virginia? Katy begins to see below Daemons exterior towards the more immediate inside, but not soon enough for her to realize who he really is- an alien bent on keeping his secret to protect his race and his sister at all costs.  Katy becomes in need of protection from Daemon, and as the two spend time together, they began to grow close.  Daemon continues to resist the attraction he feels towards Katy in attempt to keep her away from Dee. Daemon is always telling Katy what a risk she is to their family, and Katy couldn’t agree more.  Katy’s mark begins to draw Arum to the town, putting everyone at risk.  Katy and Daemon do everything they can to get rid of the mark left on her, but nothing can stop the Arum from coming.  Katy, Daemon, and Dee fight for their lives and hidden identity against the Arum, aliens with similar powers to the Black’s, that are bent on destroying the Luxen race.  After several battles with the Arum, there is a monuments battle where an Arum almost wins.  Katy, Dee, and Daemon are slipping into death, and Daemon gives his last effort to heal Katy.  After healing Katy, she becomes a mutant and causes a blast so strong, it leaves a huge mark on the battle field.   Daemon and Dee are able to gain strength, but only Katy and Daemon know what truly happened.  Some how, Katy and Daemon are now connected and Katy can use parts of Daemons powers.

In the beginning of the book, Katy is an average blogger who is the opposite of a rule breaker.  From the moment she meets the Luxen, that begins to change.  She thinks about the hundreds of heroic protagonists she has read about before, and realizes she will not be quiet, timid Katy anymore.  She begins to mold into a version of herself that has always been beneath.  While reading the book you admire Katy’s strength, however she sees the truth of what living in a crazy, supernatural world is like.  She sees the darker side of the story.  She takes on her responsibilities and begins to change.  She starts to not sit back and wait for the Arum to come to kill her and her friends.  She grows on a deeper level, that people who have experienced major stress and grief can relate to.  She takes the knowledge she has and grows as a writer, daughter, and a person.

Katy is an example of what the average reader, blogger, and writer hopes to become.  Jennifer wrote a book for us! She saw what every young adult blogger craves; love, acknowledgement, and a chance to be the beloved hero from our favorite books.  Jennifer did a great job seeing what the average dreamer wants and gave it to us, and Obsidian is only the first book!  Trust me, THEY ONLY GET BETTER!

The writing is great.  The story is told from Katy’s perspective.  It is perfect because not only does the reader see the protagonist grow as a person, but it leaves the reader constantly trying to figure out what everyone else is thinking, especially the mysterious and beloved Daemon!

One thing that made you want to tear your eyes out (I literally ended up banging my fist on my leg out of frustration) about Katy, was how annoyingly oblivious to the obvious “bad guys” she was!  Katy didn’t trust her instincts or Daemon on several occasions in the first and second book.  It infuriates you, however actually makes you love the endings even more.  An additional thing that is so frustrating, is her and Daemons relationship! The entire first book and part of the second, both of them are so stubborn.  They wont admit their feelings to each other.  Several times you will catch yourself screaming out, WOULD YA’LL KISS ALREADY?!  Not only does this make when they finally admit their deepest feeling more meaningful, but it makes the relationship more of a realistic relationship.  They grow to love each other despite their differences.  Their relationship is refreshing compared to the way many writers depict teenage relationships, immature and think they are “in love” because of lust.  By the time they admit their feelings, it is a beautiful true love because of everything they have been through together and not a false love.