What a thrill this book was to read! From the beginning I knew, only someone with great imagination could have written this book. It begins with a gripping tale of a world millions of years from now, when everything we know now is destroyed, and the times of kings and queens are brought back through the war and destruction. Red Queen tells the story of a young girl who is forced to face dangers that are deeper than the magic of her world, but dangers
that are filled with regret, agony, and worst of all betrayal (how yummy).

17-year-old Mare is just another human, a Red, pick-pocketing her way through life.  Mare lives in a small village, the Stilts, that runs outside of the great hall where Silvers live. The Stilts are made up of buildings that are poorly built and children that run the street starved without a Silver in sight.  The town is run by the underground black market. Mare lives among the Reds, consistently reminded by her older sister, who is able to work in the palace, that she can never be a Silver, gods with blood that shimmer and supernatural powers that make the Reds inferior to them. Mare runs into someone of high authority from the castle, and is soon given a job inside of the palace. Mare is thrust into life of the royals. Her life is put in jeopardy, and if she makes one wrong move, it could mean her demise. Mare teams up with the rebel group The Scarlet Guard, and becomes twisted into the lies and destruction of life among the Silvers in effort to give Reds the life they deserve.

Praise of Red Queens

I was at home sick when I first discovered this book, and it shocked me. I did not read the back (I try not to because I want to see the story unfold without prejudice!) and I was told it was a good book, this was all I had heard about Red Queens. When I jumped into reading , I was so pumped when I became gripped from the first few pages. I read it straight through in one day, only to be beyond bummed with I finished the book and realized that the next book is not coming out until February 2016! Red Queens is not your average YA book. It is filled with deeply thought out relations between the characters with great depictions of a futuristic society from a view that I have never heard of before. Red Queens is clearly thought out and planned in a gripping and fast paced manner. There was never a time when I was bored. The twists and turns of the story only improve the deeper meaning behind the book. Red Queens is meant to portray a world of war and poverty that our world could one day come to. Perhaps not the magic that shoots out of the Silver’s fingers, but how corrupt society truly is. The silvers believed they were better than the Reds because of their blood and their powers. Mare is the symbol, the girl who will change that all. Red Queens I ABSOLUTEY recommend. It is filled with betrayal, love, and torture that will make you never want to put the book down.

Dislikes of Red Queens

Really it is hard to answer such a statement, because the book was epic. The major dislike I had, was the difficulty of keeping up with the different houses and colors of the Silver families. While Mare was going through learning all the names, it is understandable to make the reader as confused as Mare was, but at some point I wanted to be able to hear Mare talking about a certain color and family, and know exactly who she was talking about. The only other thing I wish the book had more of was romance. Though I am greedy and wanted Mare to be more daring with her lover, (Or should I say loverS, hint hint) I understand Aveyards approach. It makes the reader love the ending even more, leaving the reader with some romance to look forward to in the next book!

Overall, Red Queens was a great book that really took you into a different world. If you are looking for a good book for getting lost in a different world, this book is perfect. Mare is admirable and brave, and you immediately fall in love with her stubbornness and love for her family that is behind all of her decisions.