The Art of Hearing Heartbeats is not a book to be passed up or overlooked.  I recently read a blog declaring this book would leave you breathless and incapable of setting the book down, and that blog was indeed correct. I did a quick search on the book and decided to give it a try. I hit up the closest Half Price Books and gave the book a whirl the next day during school.  The first chapter was a little confusing and slow, however after getting through that I was immediately taken-a-back by the intriguing and captivating tale that the author began to tell.  The book ponders the question, what happened to Julia’s father who had disappeared a few years back? Julia, the main character, stumbles across one clue that might lead to the answers that she has been looking for, a letter written from her father addressed to a mysterious Burmese woman, Mimi.  Julia finds an old acquaintance of her father’s and listens to him as he tells the story of her fathers life in order to uncover the mystery of his disappearance.  Her father’s, Tin Win, story follows the love story of himselve and Mi Mi, two disabled children who see the world from the most beautiful perspective of all; love.  

“I have often wondered what was the source of her beauty, her radiance. It’s not the size of one’s nose, the color of one’s skin, the shape of one’s lips or eyes that make one beautiful or ugly. So what is it? Can you, as a woman, tell me?
I shook my head.
I will tell you: It’s love. Love makes us beautiful. Do you know a single person who loves and is loved, who is loved unconditionally and who, at the same time, is ugly? There’s no need to ponder the question. There is no such person.”

The theme of The Art of Hearing Heartbeats is that love will always surpass the tragedies and brutalists that life amounts to. 

I highly recommend this book! 

Ps. You will want to buy it- trust me