The 5th Wave was not what I expected. It is a book you hear they will be making a movie about and say to your self, why not. If they are making a movie, it’s got to be worth a peek right? Grabbed the book and stowed it in my bag until I had a chance to prop open the sucker on my break at work and vwah la, I was endowed with this beautiful new world crafted between my fingertips. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey has one of the most intricately designed plots I have read in a YA adult book in a while. It is laced delicately with passion, and yet The 5th Wave incorporates so much suffering it is almost inconceivable for an individual to imagine because of the hope that we wish for. With the possibilities that humans fear everyday, Yancey creates a twisted, possible, and quite authentic take on an alien invasion through the eyes of a teenager.   

Loved the book and the second is great is well. The only thing that perturbed me was that I have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR for the next book to make its entrance into stores.