The Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking defy the average fantasy novels by creating beautiful characters that have qualities that make you want to crawl into the story and live among world of trolls. The series contains iconic struggles for the main character Bryn Aven, a troll with mixed blood, to live and train among her peers while fighting to overcome the discrimination that befalls upon her because of her impure blood. The world that Bryn believes in is twisted as she discovers more about her enemy who attempted to murder her father.  

Love interests and a twisting story line always grips a reader; but Hocking did it like no other. The series was riveting and really tangled you into to story line.  In the first book Bryn struggles with the side of herself that wants to get revenge for the way that Konstantin Black caused on her family when he attempted to murder her father.

“Remember my name. Because I’m going to be the one who kills you.”

Bryn is faced several times with altering and mentaly impatative decidions, and she must make the life changing decision of whether or not to kill, and risk her soul in the process or show compassion towards her lifelong enemy.