Do you have a fetish for zombies?  Cute, dark, dangerous, and frighteningly fierce boys? Terrifying decisions and high school drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat? 

 Hum yeah, this book is filled with this stuff that will keep you reading Alice in Zombieland.   The beginning starts with a mysterious car wreck that kills Alice’s parents and beloved and enchanting sister.  Alice begins to see things in the dark nights as she strives to live with the death of her family.  Alice moves in with her mom’s parents and stays awake every night in attempt to see the monsters that her father rambled about his entire life.  Alice is confronted with the need to tell someone what she is seeing and yet she doesn’t want people to think she is crazy like she thought of her father. Alice soon begins to notice the strange happenings around the town, and begins to see the connections between the mysterious group and their leader, Cole, that Alice has visions of every morning.  Some filled with passionate, desperate kisses and some with fighting against zombies that indulge in consuming the spirits of human souls.

Out of five stars, I would give this book 2.  Though when I originally read the book title, I believed the book would have a backbone woven with the theme from the origional Alice in Wonderland. Once the book begins, you realize fairly quickly that the book is quite easy to read. The writing is a little elementary and the characters are quite flat (if you do not like whiney and annoying girls then this book may not be for you).  

Of all the negatives, some could like the book very much if you are looking for a book with a cute guy and a bit of a mystery as Alice struggles to deal with the loss of her family and the new reality of zombies hunting her and her friends.