Out of 5 stars, this book for sure gets a 5.  Not only is the book written brilliantly, but it is achingly realistic.  The book follows an average girl who is a fly on the wall at her school.  Not special or interesting, just simply there.  Min writes a letter to Ed, her past lover, unveiling bits and pieces of the relationship that they had as she sorts through an old box full of trinkets from their relationship.


The story of Ed and Min is delicate and melancholy.  Min and Ed’s relationship rings true in that it is a high school relationship that is not full of fairy tales and wishful love.  A large portion of authors write stories for ignorant young adults who want a story full of young love that will never end.  However, “Why We Broke Up” by Handler satisfies the needs of those who see the truth in that most high school relationships will end inevitably and are oftentimes ruled by lust and the need to be accepted by others.

The main character, Min, is a dynamic character.  As the plot progresses, Min grows.  In the beginning she relies on herself and her best friend Al.  As Min slowly falls in love, she loses herself and her beliefs in her blind love for Ed.  When Min discovers (SPOILER) that Ed has been cheating on her throughout their entire relationship and hardly recognizes his fault, Min changes her view on love and her friends.  When Min grew apart from her friends and lost herself in her first love, she thought all of her friends were wrong when they warned her about Ed.  She no longer trusted their opinions.  After they were proven right and they were still there for her, Min began to realize that sometimes it is better to get an opinion from someone who thinks that same way you do and are not looking with a blinded eye.

why we broke up