To have your heart broken by somebody you love, may be one of the most common types of heartbreak. We offer up a piece of our heart to someone in hope that they may be our future and that they will savor this bold sacrifice.  But at the end of the day, more than half of the people we give our hearts to will not be the person we are destined to be with.

There are so many different views on dating, especially circling within the teenage world. However, one thing that teenagers just do not seem to understand is that going on dates does not mean a couple has to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The point of dating is ultimately to find the person we want to marry and more importantly, who God wants us to marry. In between all of the heartbreak and almost lovers that we will encounter, we must open our minds and hearts to new possibilities and seek God in all of our relationships.   


In the Bible it says to guard your heart and because of this, some people think that dating is something to be feared and that we cannot have a solid relationship with God, in the midst of an earthly relationship.  I myself struggle with this. So many think that if God has someone picked out for us, we have to sit and wait, lonely, until one day this person walks up to us and declares, “Hey! I was praying and God told me that you are the one for me. Ready to get married?” Relationships do not work like that. God wants us to follow our heart and listen to Him along the way.

We have to date people to find out who it is we are destined to marry! When I say this, I do not mean every weekend go out with a new guy/girl and decide in that one moment whether or not he/she is the one. We are in high school and college and are just figuring out who we are. How can we find the person we want to marry yet? How will we ever? The trick is, to listen to your gut (Aka, the holy spirit working within you). If you feel a pull toward someone and you have a good time talking, take them out on a date. Go grab some coffee, chat, and see how you like the person. Figure out their interests and how they see the world. If you like talking to them? Go out again. If you are on your second date and you realize that this guy/gal is really not the person you thought they were, then you have just gained insight on one quality (or several) that you DO NOT want to see in your husband/wife one day. Maybe they have values that are different than yours or they aren’t the true Christian you thought they were. Or maybe they just smack when they eat – ew – and have no respect for women. Even if you are not a Christian, this could apply to your dating life as well.

Talk to God and listen to what he has to say.  What scriptures He is putting in your heart.  Two of the biggest ways God has always answered my prayers is through my God fearing friends and family, and through writing.  I have been praying upon this subject lately, unsure if I should open my heart to someone whose presence I enjoy.  As I was praying, I felt God put this idea for a post in the palms of my hands; and I knew I had to write my thoughts down.

Dating is intended to be light and fun. It should not be a chore and you should not have to be afraid of getting your heart broken every time you go get pizza with the opposite sex. Enjoy dating! Have fun with it and remember that no relationship is a waste of time.  All are bringing you to the person you will be with forever!